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A Murder to Forget







A Murder to ForgetArson, arms dealing, murder and the ATF – Holly Devine’s newest

assignment immediately tosses her back into the world of the wealthy Miami social lifestyle. A woman is reported missing by her sister, but the husband says his wife isn’t missing.

Who’s telling the truth?

Why is one of them lying?

And where is the woman?




Ramon slipped his arm around Holly’s waist, spinning her back to the floor. “Stay away from Victor if you know what’s good for you,” he growled in her ear.

She felt his warm breath on her neck and his sensuous fingers on her shoulder as they moved in time to the music. She felt her chest tighten and found it harder to breath. He looked spectacular in his white diner jacket and he was wearing a musk aftershave that entwined around her head and carried her off on a cloud of sexuality. 

She swallowed hard trying to gain control but found she was enjoying the closeness of Ramon, despite the fact he was such a jerk. She tilted her head back slightly, looking up into his intense black eyes. They appeared to be smoldering with heat and residual smoke. She felt a passion rising inside her, which appeared to match what she was seeing in his.

“Why don’t you like me?”

“That has nothing to do with it. You’re playing with fire and Victor will burn you,” Ramon growled into her ear, his tongue gently touching the lower lobe.

She felt a flame sputter and flash inside her at his touch. “I think I’m in more danger with you,” she managed to mumble.

Ramon smirked down at her. “That’s a different danger. With me you’ll live.”

“And with Victor I won’t. Is that what happened to his wife?”

“Leave it alone. Enjoy the party and go home. Then stay away from here – and Victor.” 

The dance ended and Ramon led her to a balcony door, his arm tight around her shoulder, holding her head against his shoulder. At the door he spun her slowly around and bent down. His hot lips pressed hard against hers. 

She gasped as she felt his tongue slip inside her mouth. She found herself relaxing and opening it to let him in. She responded, desire wiping out all rational thoughts. Her arms slipped around his neck and she pushed into his hard body. She felt herself overwhelmed with a rush of passion. 

Then just as quickly, he stepped back and walked away. Holly reached for the wall, to steady herself. She hadn’t expected that, particularly her own response. She’d make sure that didn’t happen again. That’s all she needed – to get involved with a gangster and probably a killer.



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