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Abuse investigation has been a part of my adult life. My career in public health nursing brought me into daily contact with challenging families and gave me an up-close view into the lives of families from all social levels and occupations; including drug dealers, hookers and abusers.

This look into different and varied aspects of life provided me with a wealth of knowledge to draw on to enhance my writing skills, as I developed situations with realistic characters facing emotional and life-threatening challenges.

I confess that for many years, when I was younger, I spent a lot of time dreaming up locked room plots and conversations between fictional characters. After years of writing down scraps of plots and promising to write the whole story one day, I finally decided it was time I succumbed to my long time desire to write. A challenge with breast cancer gave me the push to purchase my very first computer. Struggling with computer illiteracy, I finally put my fingers to the keyboard and wrote my first novel, creating the characters I’d been talking to for years.

The result was DEATH AWAITS. I still like that book. When writing I love developing secondary characters such as the wolfhound dog in DEATH AWAITS, to complement the hero and heroine. In my Holly Devine series, A CRUISE TO REMEMBER and A MURDER TO FORGET in Florida, the secondary character has early Alzheimer's. These books were originally published as Fade to black and Death Comes in Red. I received the rights to these books, edited them and republished them under new titles.

In my newest series, The Hawkins Ranch, about four sexy brothers, set in Duster Montana, there are dogs (again) and children, as well as the unscrupulous villains.

When not working out the twisted details for my latest plot, I read voraciously, and loves to travel, hike and cross country ski in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, among the vineyards, beaches and mountains.

I’m also enjoying snow birding in Tucson, Arizona and I’m busy learning how to publish books on Kindle.

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Loss Of Innocence
Who is the killer? And who is the next victim?

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